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IT-based modernisation of Hamburg's universities

Multimedia Kontor Hamburg (MMKH) is an enterprise of Hamburg´s six public state universities. MMKH provides support services for the IT-based modernisation of campus administration and education. Established in 2002, MMKH today is a centre of expertise in eLearning and eCampus activities. MMKH is funded by the Hamburg Ministry for Science, Research, Gender Equality and Communities.

Services for Hamburg's higher education institutions

In co-operation with Hamburg´s six public state universities MMKH provides, for these partner universities, strategic consulting services concerning the digitalisation and IT-based enhancement of learning, teaching, research and campus administration.

MMKH´s activities include coordination, consulting and support services. These are represented in the two major project programmes eCampus and eLearning Support:

eCampus: MMKH coordinates projects for the implementation of IT-based processes into the fields of administration, education and research across the six universities. The objective of MMKH´s eCampus project is the modernisation of campus administration, services and organisation. This includes integrated campus management solutions, process documentation and analysis, data protection, management information systems, web CMS user qualification, and alumni management.

eLearning Support: MMKH provides support services for e-learning and digitalisation projects conducted at its partner universities. In its Multimedia lab (MMlab) MMKH realises the production of multimedia material such as podcasts, interactive instructional films and video modules. Consulting services and training are also offered. MMKH designed the platform podcampus to showcase and promote the scope of digital teaching materials and scientific podcasts offered at Hamburg´s universities and beyond.

Digitalisation of higher ed: expertise and events

As a centre of expertise in the implementation of IT into the fields of administration, education and research, MMKH engages in feeding its experience into the dialogue on campus IT modernisation in and beyond Hamburg.

MMKH initiates and organises training, workshops and networking events focusing on the digital university. MMKH´s annual conference Campus Innovation is a leading event in the German-speaking expert community.

Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU)

Hamburg Open Online University (HOOU) is a multi-university initiative supported by the six state universities, the Ministry for Science, Research, Gender Equality and Communities, and MMKH. HOOU strives to supplement classic classroom teaching with the possibilities of digital technologies and to make this service available to a broad public. The HOOU platform is a digital space in which students, teachers and interested members of the public can interact on interdisciplinary, multi-university projects meeting academic standards.

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